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A battle-game where gamers selected by various corporations compete three-on-three. Ordinary gamers are either 'Home' or 'Away'. The 'Home' team must protect a disk filled with data from their own company while the 'Away' team tries to steal it.



And such was the premise for Bus Gamer ビズゲーマー Bizu Ge-ma- is a short-lived Japanese manga series created by Minekura Kazuya 峰倉かずや, the author of the more well-known series Saiyuki Series, 最遊記シリーズ, which started serialization in 1997 and is still ongoing.

[2]Initially serialised in Japan in the quarterly magazine 'Stencil' from year 1999 Spring Edition to year 2000 Spring Edition, it was switched to the monthly version of 'Stencil' after the former's publication was suspended. The last issue from 'Stencil' was year 2002 January Edition. From year 2006 onwards, the manga was re-issued under 'Comic Rex' by Ichijinsha Inc. (一迅社), during which the 3 main characters' past and how they met were more fully fleshed out.

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  1. Blurb taken from 'Pilot Edition' cover page
  2. Translated from Japanese Bus Gamer Wikipedia


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